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    I am sure we will get to hear I still have faith in you in 2020. All the frustration will go. I have a very positive feeling about this new song. I expect it to be great and very interesting how the women will sound. Now that their voices have matured I think we will be in for a treat.

    I will never forget when I first heard this song. I was a bit in shock. Not because I heard her voice in such a long time but she sounded so vulnerable.

    Her way of singing and the beautiful lyrics touched me deeply at that time. As if she opened up to us en didn't hide anything. She showed us how she felt at that time of her life. I could sense this on Past Present and Future and Sometimes when I am dreaming.

    It is still my favorite album of hers.

    My top 5

    1. The winner takes it all. Simply the best song they have ever done. Deeply touching. Top music and lyrics and what a vocal delivery. Agnetha at her very best.

    2. The day before you came. Stunning. A piece of art. I just love her acting on this one.

    3. SOS. What a classic pop song. I never get tired of it. The first time Agnetha drew my attention.

    4. One of us. Because of the way this song begins. The mandolins and then...her plaintive vocals before she starts singing. Love the italian feel to it.

    5. Knowing me, knowing you. One of their best in the early years. Very well sung by Frida. It's my favorite Frida lead.

    The rest will follow sometime :-)

    TODAY the english newspaper "The Telegraph" published an interview with Björn and yes! He said ABBA recorded FIVE NEW SONGS!!! believe it or not....Björn did it again

    TODAY the english newspaper "The Telegraph" published an interview with Björn and yes! He said ABBA recorded FIVE NEW SONGS!!!

    Agnetha has said several times that B and B asked her many times to write something for Abba. She was to busy with all that went on with Abba and with her children.

    Benny said that her 2013 album was "Oke" and that he advised her to write her own material. I keep them on the floor...was the best song on the album according to him (I agree).. She didn't want to write all the songs. She doesn't have enough self confidence to do so, according to Benny. Just as she felt she couldn't compete with B and B during Abba.

    I wish she would make another soloalbum with all the songs written by her and Jorgen together.

    What the men want, happens. Agnetha and Frida can decide which year the avatars should look like. Sure.
    Agnetha wanted to wait with going public: it doesn't happen. Agnetha wants JLT te be released: it doesn't happen.

    I have a feeling "I still have faith in you" will be a great song. Very interesting how the women sound together. I am sure they feel as bad as we do about the delay. It would help if Bjorn and Benny said something about that.

    On the other hand there are more important things in life. In the meanwhile I am enjoying MadameX. A creative Madonna has found inspiration again.

    Thanks you Scotty for your information. Very nice of Agnetha to help a friend but the listeners didn't know that at the time. Would it made any difference? I don't think so. The song isn't a highlight and it's the first time the audience heard a song of hers outside abba. The real hightlight came with the song Wrap your arms around me. Should have been the first single with a real video.

    I never really liked this song. I tried. I didn't like the fact that this was the first time we heard Agnetha after Abba by singing a duet with someone the main audience didn't know about.. It didn't chart very well in the netherlands while Frida was getting praise for her first solosingle and she deserved it.

    A weak song and there was more to come...the very weak take good care of your children.

    I love her to bits and she is a great singer but her choices for singing some songs were very poorly.

    This has te be my favorite album of Agnetha. Although it's a a cover album it's her most personal one. Her voice is fantastic on it. Pure class. Yes the album is a bit she puts it in 2013. She is at her best when she can sing songs about heartbreak always has been like that. This album has these kind of songs.

    A highlight for me is Past Present and Future.So much feeling, so well done and produced. I will never forget hearing If I thought ,,,for the first time on a bad computer. It touched me deeply not because it was the first time I heard her sing in so many years. She sang it so vulnerable, not with her abba voice that I was kind of shocked...and concerned. Will it be a hit and it was in the Netherlands.

    What now my love is a big favorite too. The queen of heartbreak turns this song into a highlight once again.

    It was a shame she couldn't do more promotion. I don't think she was in a happy place in 2004. She made up for it in 2013 though!

    The Netherlands chances to win: 27% according to the bookmakers. A wonderful touching song. Great singer. Coach Ilse de Lange (Common Linnets~) will go with him to Tel Aviv. The same director who directed "calm after the storm" will direct this one to the stage too.

    The Netherlands will win eurovision 2019, mark my words.