Wie geht es eigentlich Björns Frau??

  • Vor längerer Zeit las ich einen Bericht darüber das Björn seine Millionen für die Gesundheit seiner Frau Lena opfern würde. Sie erkrankte an Blutkrebs...bin mir nicht sicher ob dies eine wahre Geschichte war, oder einfach wieder mal ein Artikel mit viel Bla,bla...

    Ich kann mich nicht daran erinnern danach wieder etwas davon gelesen zu haben? Weiß jemand darüber näheres hier im Forum?

    In meiner Familie gibt es leider aktuell jetzt auch eine K - Erkrankung, und das ist etwas was einem den Boden unter den Füßen wegzieht...und auch deshalb fiel mir dieser Bericht über Björn & seine Frau wieder ein.

    Vielleicht hat ja jemand eine Info darüber....ob das gestimmt hat, oder ob Lena ihre Krankheit überwunden hat?

  • diese form des blutkrebses ,an der lena erkrankt ist ,ist nicht heilbar.
    2005 erhielten die 2 die diagnose und gaben im expressen folgendes interview-

    Very sad news for the Ulvaeus family
    Lena Ulvaeus has been diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. She and Björn talked to Expressen's reporter Anna Bäsén about it.
    "I will probably not be
    alive in ten years"

    Björn and Lena Ulvaeus were called in for an urgent meeting with the doctor.
    In the consultation room they received the terrible information: Lena has
    incurable and deadly leukaemia.
    Now they exclusively tell Expressen about the struggle against time.
    - We don't plan for the future, I will probably not be alive in ten years. You
    try to suppress the disease, we take each day as it comes, says Lena.
    Two years ago Lena Ulvaeus, 55, discovered she had four hazelnut-sized lumps
    on her neck.
    - It happened suddenly, but right away I realized it wasn't normal. I had
    been sweating a lot at night before, but I thought it was due to menopause.
    The first test didn't reveal anything. But Lena convinced her doctor to get
    a referral to Danderyds Hospital for a bone marrow test. One day
    they called from the hospital and said that the doctor wanted to meet her as
    soon as possible.
    - Then I said to Björn that this doesn't sound good, this isn't benign, says Lena.
    It's incurable
    At the hospital she received the dramatic information: You have chronic
    lymphatic leukaemia
    and it's incurable.
    - We fell apart, both Björn and I. We just held each other. After we had
    walked out of there, it was as if we were out of it. It has been a long
    process to deal with the information. At first I couldn't believe it was
    true. Then I laid there in despair, I couldn't sleep and thought about
    - In a way you get used to it. People say that you're brave, but it's not
    like that. I don't have a choice. I can roll around and scream at the top of
    my lungs, but it wouldn't help at all, says Lena.
    Lena's cancer has put a lot of strain on her family.
    - It's terrible. We live with the disease, I think about it every day. And
    that I can't do anything about it, Björn says and and continues
    - The best moments are when we are able to forget about it.
    Can't say
    The doctors can't say how much time she has left. Lena can become ill and
    die in 6 months - or in twelve years.
    - The worst thing is to wake up at three in the morning and start thinking
    about how much time I have left. I'm happily married. It is so sad to know
    that we won't grow old together, she says.
    Right now Lena is feeling quite good, despite dizziness and sweating. She
    does the things she usually do but at a slower pace.
    The family's support is the most important.
    - It goes up and down. There are days when I'm very tired and feel lousy.
    Sometimes I get dizzy and have to hold on to Björn while we're out walking.
    Since the disease is incurable, there is no treatment available until the symptoms
    appear. Because of that, Lena has chosen not to have the monthly routine
    check-ups. They just made her worried and she got to see a different doctor each
    - You sit there in the waiting room like a scared rabbit and wait to hear how
    sick you are. It feels much better not having to deal with those damn blood
    tests. I'll go to the hospital when I get ill.
    Lena thinks that the support from her family is the most important
    thing. Björn is constantly by her side. The four adult children have
    also dealt with it well, Lena thinks.
    - The children know that
    it's true, but I think they suppress it. There is no other way to deal
    with it. You can't fret about it the time you have left. The death
    sentence has made Lena think more about life and its conditions.
    You become more truthful
    - You become different as a person when you have a limited time
    left. You
    can't be mean towards anyone, you probable become kinder and more
    truthful, she says and laughs.
    Lena praises the doctors and nurses, but is critical towards the
    organisation with constant changes of doctors, the wait and consultation
    rooms closed for the summer.
    - It's crazy. It's the politicians' fault, the health care sector needs more resources.
    Now the Ulvaeus family hope that Lena's story will help others.
    - Most people have never heard about this disease and that it's
    incurable. I hope that the research will continue, Lena says.
    jetzt sind ja schon 10 jahre nach der schrecklichen diagnose vergangen und ich freue mich jedesmal ,sie gemeinsam bei veranstaltungen zu sehen .
    mögen sie noch lange zeit gemeinsam den weg gehen.

  • Hallo zusammen

    Bin neu angemeldet im Forum (lese aber schon länger mit).

    Laut einem Kupé Artikel von 2013 hat Lena keine äusserlich sichtbaren Symptome, es gäbe nicht den typischen Krankheitsverlauf. Es scheint sie nehmen Tag für Tag.

    Björn scheint mir sehr viel beschäftigt: das Hotel, der Freidenker Verlag, seine Investments (Mineralwasser LOL etc.), Er sitzt im Verwaltungsrat des ABBA Museums und seine Hobbies (der Existenzphilosoph der ihn alle 2 Wochen zum debattieren trifft, seine Treffen mit einem Flüchtling aus Palästina [siehe das Neuste Skavlan Interview auf Youtube]). Und dann engagiert er sich ja auch für Humanisterna... ich denke Lena geht oft mit ihm, aber es scheint ihr gut genug zu gehen, dass Sie beide ihren Interessen nachgehen können...

    Und sie meinte ja 2005, sie sei in 10 Jahren nicht mehr da... aber sie ist noch da. Das freut mich! :rolleyes:


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