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Samstag, 29. Juni 2019, 00:41

"Casablanca" Stockholm 4.Okt.1982 (Wiedersehen macht Freude)

Heute mal ein kleiner Service....unter den Motto "Weißt du noch...?"
Promo Album "Something´s Going On" TV-Sendung "CASABLANCA".
Viele kennen das Interview zwischen der Moderatorin Helen Benno & Frida, von der "Deluxe-Edition" "SGO" Okt.2015.
Viele sicherlich auch schon viel früher...
Aber ich denke es ist interessant sich nochmal sich in die damalige Zeit zurück zu versetzen.
Welche Aussagen damals so gemacht wurden.
Einfach mal für zwischendurch.....auch wenn es eine Wiederholung ist.
Vielleicht ist für eine(n) eine Entdeckung...dann wäre es nicht vergebens.

Frida: I like Vivaldi and listen to his music a lot... (Vivaldi's music in the background)
Helen Benno: Have you ever written a song yourself?
Frida: Mmm... when I was child (laughs). But not since I started to work with music proffessionally. I haven't had time I could devote to this.
HB: Would you like to write something?
Frida: Well, many people have asked this question. Well I remember when I tried to find good songs for one of my previous albums and there was only 3-4 I was satisfied with I became desperate. I sat down and tried to write something myself but I failed... But if I gave myself time and studied music so probably I had been more successful.
HB: Right now you are travelling around the world and do promotion for your latest album. Do you really have to do that? You are well-known star in the whole world.
Frida: I think I need to do promotion. The main reason is that I like this album very much and I don't want it to only disappear. I want people to listen to it. I have strong feelings about this album and that's why I do promotion. But it's fun as well. ABBA did not tour last year and I was working a lot in the studio so coming out and promote the album gives a kind of kick. It feels like starting from the beginning again.
HB: It's fun to do something on your own?
Frida: Oh yes. It feels good. After so many years in a group you don't know anymore what you can achieve on your own, what ability you have. It feels good to test yourself sometimes and see that you can achieve something yourself as well.
HB: Is it possible to see you touring as a solo artist?
Frida: Well, maybe someday I could think about doing it. The day I feel I got enough of self-confidence and really feel that it's right time for doing it. But not today and not after only one album. Maybe I have to record one more or two more LPs. I need more stuff before I eventually would go on tour. Performing on stage alone is completely different to performing as one in the group.
HB: It would be a real show with dance and so?
Frida: Well, it would not be a traditional "pub" show but a real pop concert, something bigger and different, I suppose.
(The video I Know There's Something Going On)
Frida: I started when I was 13. Since then I've been working with music. And it has been tough many times. I mean all the tours. When I was amateur we had heavy intruments and being a woman did not help you. You had to work hard.
HB: What is the most luxurious thing you can imagine?
Frida Such a thing doesn't exist for me anymore. If you asked this question when I was teenager you had got the answer but not now anymore. Luxury is freedom, possibility to travel and meet different people in different places. To learn the world is luxury to me.
HB: Which weekday is your favorite?
Frida: It's still Friday. When Friday evening comes you know that weekend begins.
HB: What are you doing on Fridays?
Frida: I don't do anything special. I read, meet my friends and children, listen to the music. Wonderful life...
HB: What do you think ABBA is doing in 1992?
Frida:Well... I think that all four of us are still working with music but I don't know how. Maybe I am not singer any more. Maybe I work as a producer or something like that. I don't know. Ten years is a long time!
HB: Is there anything you can think you are working with then?
Frida: Oh yes. I would enjoy working with young singers. Help them at the beginning. Or work "behind the scenes". I don't know. I haven't thought about it so much. But there is a lot to do...

Übersetzung von ABBA on TV übernommen.
"Come to me""Comfort me""You known what i mean"--Wolf

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Samstag, 29. Juni 2019, 10:07

Danke, Wolf, für das interessante Interview.




Sonntag, 30. Juni 2019, 00:42

Wolf Moon....

vielen Dank für deine schönen und interessanten Beiträge hier im ABBA Forum über Frida....

Tolles Interview war eben damals so wie es war.
Vieles, ganz vieles würde SO heute nicht mehr ablaufen.